jueves, 28 de febrero de 2019

Chyler Leigh nos comparte una nueva foto

chy_leigh : eastofeli and I had a rare opportunity to escape this past weekend as adults (haha) and spent it in beautiful #Whistler BC 💑 We got a chance to catch up with this awesome fella, Matt, who owns whislifeapparel - an amazing lifestyle brand called #Whislife focused on giving back to the local community and supporting the Paralympic organization as well as local food banks. He’s doing an amazing job lifting spirits, changing lives, and making people look super cool 😎 Check out all the good work he’s doing and all the sweet swag he’s created on whislife.com and make sure to like them on #Facebook 🕺🏻 Oh and if you stop by the store, say hi for Nate and I. Keep an eye out for Jess too... she’s pretty rad 😘

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